Chiefs in Mzimba have resolved to shut down Chinese-run mines in the district.

The Ngoni chiefs’ council in Mzimba says all mining activities being carried out without documents will be closed.

According to published reports, most of the mines in the district are managed by Chinese nationals who take out precious stones such as gemstones.

The chiefs’ council secretary Senior Chief Mpherembe said on Monday that government has not told the traditional leaders about licences given to the Chinese nationals.

The traditional leader added that people in Mzimba want to benefit from mining activities being carried out in the district.

Several reports have shown that foreigners are carrying out mining activities in rural areas of districts such as Ntcheu, Mzimba and Chitipa.

In Chitipa last month, a gemstone mine was closed days after a truckload of precious stones that a Chinese firm is mining was impounded.

Traditional leaders in the district accused the Chinese mining firm of taking out large volumes of samples.

“They are hiding behind the samples, in actual fact, they are already mining but they do not want to commit themselves for the corporate social responsibility,” said one chief.



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