A young Malawian lady has become a subject of ridicule on social media after her nude video leaked.

According to reports, the girl in the eight seconds video is identified by the name Tacia.

The circumstances to which the video has found its way into people’s eyes can not be confirmed by this publication. However, some reports claim the girl has a tendency of sending her nude photos and videos to boys who in return gives her money.

One facebook user alleges the girl is fond of being in multiple relationships. “Benito once dated Tacia Tacia, Timeless Baz once dated Tacia Tacia, Lawrence Ntchana once dated Tacia Tacia, So Called Shebe once dated Tacia Tacia, A Cruks once dated Tacia Tacia – Ma guyz mumkadya mkazi wa bho no lie,” posted Anderk Junior Ranks.

Meanwhile, people on social media are still discussing about her.



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