Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA) has urged young people to take care of and assist people with disabilities.

FEDOMA project coordinator Cecilia Phiri said in interview that the youths can do a lot of things to help persons with disabilities.

“Many youths do not support or help people with disabilities but that’s not good and I want to urge all the youths in Malawi whether you are from Blantyre, Lilongwe, Nsanje, Mchinji and all the districts that you need to wake up and stop thinking that taking care of persons with disabilities is the only responsibility of the government and NGOs.

“I can assure you that youths can help these people in many ways by giving them money, food and other necessities and youths can also help these people by working in their homes as you know that it is difficult for these people to work properly,” she said.

Lameck Isaiah, One of the youths from Lilongwe, said young people need to take part in supporting people with disabilities because it is also their responsibility.

“As youths, we are leaders of tomorrow and also we are strong people with a lot of energy and we have the capacity to take part in supporting persons with disabilities in many ways. For example, we can help them by working in their gardens and also in their respective homes,” he said.




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