ZIMBABWE – Joram Gumbo, a Zimbabwean minister in the presidency, was arrested on suspicions of corruption on Monday.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) suggest that the high-profile official used his sister’s property as the headquarters of the state-owned airline company he used to direct.

According to the reports, the building located in Chishawasha Hills is owned by Mavis Gumbo.

Moreover, Gumbo, the transport minister at the time, is alleged to abuse his position by forcing the reappointment of Davison Mhaka, the Central Mechanical and Equipment Department managing director implicated in the 2015 tender scum.

Under Gumbo’s patronage, the businessman managed to take back his position with all its benefits even despite the court’s decision over the scandal.

The ZACC says Gumbo’s wrongdoings siphoned $3.7 million from the national budget.

Source : Sadc News


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