Mzuzu High Court on Friday said it will deliver its determination on the legitimacy of Mtima Walter Gondwe as Paramount Chikulamayembe on November 20, 2019.

This follows an application by the rival camp of Josephe Bongololo Gondwe, which is against installation of Mtima Walter Gondwe as Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, saying the rightful heir to the throne is Joseph Bongololo Gondwe.

Lawyer for Bongololo, Michael Chipeta, said he solicited two injunctions, one stopping Walter from operating as Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe and the other one stopping him from conducting Gonapamuhanya celebrations.

Chipeta said: “We took court injunction asking Mtima Walter Gondwe to stop operating his office duties till 20 November when the court discharges the application of the stay order.

“The court has also ordered the Gonapamuhanya case to wait pending final determination of the judicial preview case.”

Publicity Secretary for Joseph Bongololo Gondwe, Stowell Gondwe said the Chikulamayembe chieftaincy circulates among 12 households but instead was staged in one family for 112 years now.

“The installation of Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe was illegally and secretly done, that is why we took court order against the paramount chief because he was not chosen by the clan.

After the death of Walter Change Gondwe, it was advised that the chieftaincy has over stayed in one family so there was need to appoint another chief from another family,” said Stowell.

In a telephone interview, Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe whose real name is Mtima Walter Gondwe said he could not comment on the matter, but his lawyer.

Lawyer representing Chikulamayembe, Wesley Mwafulirwa said he was okay with what transpired at the court.

He thanked the court for shortening the period to the next hearing despite it being engaged.

Minister of Local Government, Ben Phiri installed Mtima Walter Gondwe as Paramount Chikulamayembe last month.

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