TANZANIA – Ever heard of the famous Swahili saying that goes, “siku za mwizi arobaini? Well for a Tanzanian man identified as Kingdoom, his forty days ended even before he could start counting as he was caught red-handed at his first attempt at stealing.

According to an eye witness interviewed by Global Publishers, the accused is said to have made his way to Shuhuda gravesite, Morogoro, in the wee hours and began uprooting crosses erected on the graves and stuffing them in a bag.

Kingdoom was then approached by workers who had gone to dig a grave and asked what he was doing before they apprehended him and rained blows and kicks on him.

“We came here to dig a grave and upon arrival, we saw a man removing crosses from graves and we apprehended him,” an eyewitness said.

“This is my first attempt at stealing,” the suspect pleaded with the mob, which caught him with around 30 crosses he planned on sealing as scrap metal.

Kingdoom is apprehended. Photo: Global Publishers.

When questioned by police, Kingdoom explained that it was his first time stealing the crosses and that he intended to sell them and get money for food.

Kingdoom was arrested together with the cemetery’s guard as the police continue with investigations.

Residents of Masavu, Morogoro where the deceased victims of the fatal oil tank explosion were laid to rest have been constantly complaining of missing crosses on the graves.

In August 2019, at least 60 people lost their lives and 70 seriously injured after a fuel tanker collision in Tanzania, Morogoro. In a chilling video shared on social media, a large crowd of people is seen collecting oil spilt from the wreckage minutes before the tanker bursts into flames.

They hope that with the latest arrest, the cross theft will come to an end.

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