There was drama in Egypt when Passenger jet carrying 196 passengers and crew caught fire minutes after landing at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport when hydraulic fluid leaks onto hot brakes and bursts into flames.

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Sky Up from Ukraine landed at the sea side resort without incident.

The passenger jet taxied to the parking stand where CCTV footage showed a fire break out on the jet’s left landing gear.

According to airline website, the jet was leaking hydraulic fluid which dripped onto the aircraft’s hot brakes and caught fire.

Emergency services soon doused the flames and the passengers and crew were disembarked without injury.

According to Flight Global, there were 189 passengers and seven crew on board the jet at the time and the 15-year old aircraft was soon back in operation.

A spokesperson for the Egyptian civil aviation ministry said the fire ‘could have turned into a disaster’.

According to the ministry, the fire would have spread to other parts of the aircraft had staff not acted ‘professionally’.


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