A Man from Bulawayo,Zimbabwe has been fined $50 for cutting his wife’s fingers with a pair of scissors in anger after she refused to give him money for bus fare.

A 34-year-old Nqobile Ncube from Nkulumane suburb attacked Ms Prisca Dube at their home.

A court heard how Ncube, who was abusive, was in the habit of spending his money on beer and then ask for bus fare to go to work from his unemployed wife. Ncube pleaded guilty to physical abuse before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Tancy Dube.

The magistrate fined him $50 or two months imprisonment.

Ncube said: “Icala ngiyalivuma kodwa ngakwenza nge mistake, ngangifuna ukumthathela isigelo ayesiphethe, (I admit the charges levelled against me. However, I hurt her unintentionally).

For the State, Mr Chief Muteve said Ncube committed the crime on October 25 this year at around 9PM.

“The accused person asked for a laptop to charge his cell phone from the complainant and she refused. The complainant told the accused person to charge his phone on the socket and he got angry.

“He later asked for bus fare and the complainant refused. The accused person took a pair of scissors on top of the chest of drawers and cut the complainant’s two fingers on her right hand,” he said.

Mr Muteve said Ms Dube sustained deep cuts and was referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) for treatment.

Ms Dube, who had a bandage on her hand, said she refused with the laptop because her children were using it. The matter was reported to the police leading to Ncube’s arrest. It was not mentioned how much Ncube had asked for.

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