Two gunmen on Wednesday stormed Mexico University after following an administrator who was just coming from the ATM to withdraw money.


According to sources, the victim had just retrieved $2,168 from a bank and reportedly was not aware that the gun totting muggers were following each of his steps as was making his way back to Monterrey Technological Institute’s Santa Fe campus in La Loma, a neighborhood in the municipality of Álvaro Obregon.

The man, who was identified by local media outlets as Mr. Orta, 54, was heading inside the campus when the men drove sped into the school parking lot and opened fire, striking him in the right leg a little after 11:30am.

The Mexico City Public Security Ministry said two individuals with possible ties to the shooting were arrested shortly before 3:30pm local time. 

The assailants, who were captured by the university’s surveillance system entering the school grounds, allegedly stole the money from the wounded victim and fled. 

Cellphone videos showed paramedics tending to Mr. Orta as he was lying across the front seat of a vehicle with a soft cast wrapped around his leg.

He was taken to a local hospital. Doctors said his injuries were not life threatening. 

‘The attackers intercepted and injured a person in the leg,’ the school said in statement.

‘Immediately, emergency services were contacted and ambulances and police patrols showed up at the scene. The injured person was treated and is out of danger.’ 

The Mexico City Public Security Ministry said two individuals suspected of shooting a university administrator were arrested Wednesday afternoon.






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