When a woman gets their monthly period, it is important for them to maintain good hygiene. Proper hygiene during your menses is important as it prevents one from being uncomfortable or smelly.

Here are three tips on how to maintain good hygiene during your period.

1. Change your pad regularly

It is important to change your sanitary towel every four to six hours especially when you have a heavy flow. This will help to prevent irritation and urinary tract infections that occur when organisms from our bodies multiple due to the warmth of the menstrual blood. Avoid using the same pad for more than eight hours.

2. Use a good sanitary towel

When it comes to choosing a sanitary towel, it is important for a woman to choose one that works for her well. This is important since women with sensitive skin should avoid sanitary towels with plastics lining because they may cause rashes.

3. Wear clean, comfortable underwear

It is important to wear clean, comfortable underwear during your period. It is advisable to wear cotton underwear as this will allow your skin to breath. Wearing tight thongs or underwears made from fabrics that stick to your skin can cause infections.

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