An Indian man Abu Baker, 45 has been arrested for marrying 60 times in the last 25 years in the country’s district of Jamalpur.

Police said he is known in his area as “Baker teacher.” Reports say he married for the first time at 20 years of age. He has married 60 times in his 45 years of age, using fake documents showing him as unmarried, widower, etc.

He was arrested in a case filed with Purbadhala police station by his 60th wife, Rosy Khanum.

Getting married to Rosy in August, he had used fake documents. In the documents his name was Shaheen Alam.

After getting married to Rosy he had asked her father for money as dowry but her father declined. Later, he took 80,000 rupee from his father-in-law and ran away.

Teacher Baker said even though he married 60 times, he only has seven children. He married only for money and later divorced his wives. According to Indian culture, the bride’s family is always responsible to pay money for dowry.

He always used fake documents and never included his actual address. Baker lived at his own residence with his first wife Sazeda Begum, two other wives, and seven children.

Islampur police station Officer-in-Charge (Investigation) Ansar Ali said Teacher Baker has confessed that he married 60 times.

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