There must have been a full moon out.

A 44-year-old Michigan woman has been charged after allegedly biting an ear off her friend, telling authorities she’s a werewolf and the victim’s a vampire, WTAE reports.

Allison Thompson Weaver and the unnamed 48-year-old victim were both soaked in blood when police arrived. In addition to her semi-detached ear, the victim’s body was also covered in bite and scratch marks, bruises, and puncture wounds.

“Ms. Weaver told me that they were having consensual sex and that (the victim) was a vampire and that Ms. Weaver was the wolf,” Deputy Shawn Hopkins testified, according to WTAE.

The victim told a different story, saying she was sleeping before the attack.

“I remember her strangling me,” she reportedly said. “The next thing I remember is trying to get away and hearing her, as clear as day, with no reflection in her tone, just saying, ‘Sorry (name), but you’re gonna have to die today.’”

According to police, Weaver was under the influence of unknown drugs and had been drinking.

Sgt. Jason Dalbec, of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said: “This is one of those cases that will be once in a lifetime for deputies.”

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, Dennis Slaton, a 61-year-old man, had his penis bitten off by a woman after he allegedly kidnapped her at knifepoint and sexually assaulted her, Greenville News reports.

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