A Malawian man identified as Overtone Makuta claims to be god with his followers praying to him and calling him their creator. 

In one video shared widely online, his followers are seen laying out clothes on the road for him to walk on.

Another video shows a member of Makuta’s churches praying to him and referring to the man as god and creator.

The church member, who says he is captain of Makuta’s church in Ntchisi, tells the man he is the real god and those who have missed him are unfortunate.

“You also came initially as a Jewish and people mocked you. You have come again and people are still doubting saying you are a human being. Repeating the same mistake made by others in the past,” he says.

He adds that following Makuta’s coming the destruction of the earth is near and the people who are following him are blessed.

According to the church member, when Makuta speaks people get healed and when they see him their lives get transformed.

He then urges Makuta to visit more areas saying there are many people who want to see their god.


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