In a very shocking development which has left many social media users with jaws hanging, and which some have attributed to a perverse desire for fame, a Zimbabwean woman pulled her lab_ia (matinji, in vernacular) during a Facebook live chat.

In a Facebook Live chat which was being watched by 102 people, the unknown woman who is yet to be identified is having a chat with her friend who is referred to as Mai Mimi.

After Mai Mimi, says that it might rain again if the ladies behave, he partner the unidentified woman seems to go off in her own direction speaking in graphic details about female privates and seems to want to show off that she is “naturally gifted” with elongated labia. She says:

“Honal mai Mimi, Tir mandau.Hatishaye, akuti hanza one kana rwo kana chii.Zvakagara zvakagadzirwa kudhara.Honai MaiMimi”

At which point the woman goes on to show a close up of her privates as she pulls the labia.

However, Mai Mimi seems shocked by the move and promptly leaves the Facebook chat and leaves the misbehaving woman on her own. The woman seems nonplussed and continues chatting by herself for a little bit longer before she also leaves.

Mai Mimi leaving the chat

Here is part of the chat leading up to the infamous moment. However, we have removed the offending part of the video.

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