A 21 year old man Samuel Mlotshwa has been sued by own biological mother for making lustful compliments on her appearance as far as calling her yellow bone.

The mother Sikhangezile Mlotshwa made the shocking claims at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she went to seek protection against her son’s inappropriate behavior as she is fearing that someday he might rape her.

According to the mother, she is very optimistic that her son is sexually attracted to her revealing her fears she continued that she is confused about her son’s feelings towards her.

Sikhangezile, who apparently loves her son and wants their relationship to be nothing more than a mother-son bond.

“I don’t want him in the house as he is always drunk. He always admires me saying I am a “yellow bone” and I fear that he might rape me. It is a taboo in our culture that a son is sexually attracted to his mother,” bitterly complained Sikhangezile.

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