A cheeky boyfriend has left friends in hysterics after buying his ‘bikini-obsessed’ fiancé a swimming costume with his face on it to stop men flirting with her at the beach.

Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola’s wife-to-be Patty has an Instagram account filled with pictures on vacation, showcasing popular bikinis from Pretty Little Thing and Glassons.

So Pedro, who is the former radio producer at the Kyle and Jackie O show in Sydney, decided to purchase her a design she won’t be able to find anywhere else online. 

“It’s well documented that Patty loves her bikinis and I hate spending money on them,” he said in footage posted to Instagram.

‘But this time I’ve put my feelings aside and found a good place in my heart to buy her the perfect bikini.’

In a video that has been watched 7,000 times, Pedro can be seen interrupting Patty while she relaxes on the lounge, telling her has a surprise gift.

‘It’s something you put on so you have to close your eyes and put it on and we’ll do a reveal in the mirror,’ he told her.

Patty agrees to take part and walks into their bedroom with a blindfold on while Pedro helps her get into the costume.

When the blindfold is removed Patty squeals in surprise, checking herself out in the mirror.

‘It’s a bikini, you always ask for bikinis,’ Pedro reassured her.

‘That is disgusting,’ she responded. ‘I should wear this to the beach.’

Pedro said that ‘if anyone tried to pick her up’ they would be greeted by his face emblazoned across her body.

His followers online thought it was a hilarious prank, calling him ‘very creative’.

‘Patty is the best sport! She puts up with some sh*t. Not sure who I love more – you or Patty,’ one person wrote.

Another called it ‘golden’ and said that ‘they can’t stop laughing’.

The couple got engaged at Tokyo Disneyland in September and have moved into their first house together.


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