In Kenya, two robbery with violence suspects faked illness and strangled a police officer in a dramatic escape from a prison cell in Ruiru, Kiambu County, on Wednesday.

Mr Wycliffe Kori Achola and Mr Dennis Atiwa escaped from Ruiru police station at about 5am, just hours before the hearing of their case at the Ruiru Law Courts.

They were taken there following their arrest by officers of Githurai Kimbo Police Station.

In the well-planned and executed escape, Mr Achola called out to the officer guarding the cell saying his stomach was aching and that he needed to relieve himself.

Police Constable Christopher Mwangombe, who was on duty that night, was the one who filed the incident report.

“While (office Mwangombe) was performing his sentry duties in the company of Police Constable Julia Nduta, he heard (Mr Achola) knocking the cell door, shouting that he had a running stomach and required to be escorted to the toilet,” states the report.

It was while Mr Achola was being escorted back that his co-accused pushed the door and successfully aided their escape. “While (the police officer) was closing the door cell for him to go back inside, (the prisoners) pushed the door back,” states the report.

“They overpowered the two officers and strangled one, (who) fell down. Both suspects managed to climb over the wall and escaped.” The report states the two policemen later raised the alarm, triggering a search mission.

Police have since launched a search for the culprits.

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