A thought-provoking image has got South Africans talking as they tried to make sense of the circumstances.

The photo featured police cars, officers and many residents in a residential suburb. In the forefront, a little girl can be seen minding her own business while sitting and reading a book.

The photo displayed the stark contrast between a dangerous crime scene and the innocence of a diligent child.

The photo was shared by Twitter user @danielmarven, as he revealed the inspirational effect that the little girl had.

Arthur Hulett (@arthur__640) expressed his admiration: “If only everyone could be on her level of minding their own business.”

Lenny@08 (@Lenny0817) noted the cause for concern: “To me its a worry . She’s experiencing such in her everyday life in the community and she’s tired but then.”

Jaycorloene (@JayCorloene) touched on her possible motivation: “She knows she gotta escape those conditions.” Boikie Boikzaro (@BoikieMokgatle) shared a common sentiment: “If “Mind your own business” was a person.”

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