Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has announced that it has put on hold the planned demonstrations over the sell of Livimbo Secondary Primary Schools in Lilongwe.

HRDC made the announcement after a meeting the coalition had with the Ministry of Lands officials on Monday.

Before the meeting, HRDC official mad a scout visit t the alleged sold land site and confirmed that the School was not sold but encroached by a warehouse belonging to Malawians of Asian origin identified as Yacub Ibrahim Luheri and Irfan Mohmed Patel.

After touring the school premises, it was again discovered that six meters of the school have been encroached and subsequently raised fears of more land to be encroached.

In his remarks HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo said they appreciate the government’s efforts to make sure the warehouse is demolished.

According to Mtambo they have decided to put on hold the demonstrations citing political will on the matter as something that convinced them.

On his part, Development Control Manager for Lilongwe city council Obvious Nyirenda said the council has given the owner of the building 30 days to demolish it.

In an interview later on , lawyer representing Patel and Luheri, Ishmael Wadi said he will be meeting his clients so that he convinces them to comply with the planned demolition.

Meanwhile minister of lands Vuwa Kaunda has expressed excitement with the HRDC’s decision to put on hold the planned land demos.

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