Your body parts can reveal a number of unimaginable things about you including your health, age and the level of your intelligence.

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Here are the body parts that reveal  you are more intelligent than you can imagine;

1. Your head. 

Although it might sound incredible it turns out that people with big heads are smart. According to ideas ranking, people with big heads have lower neuron density in their brain and this suggests their high intelligence. From a biological point of view, people with fewer connections in their neurons have high thinking capacity.

“Intelligent brains are characterized by a slim but efficient network of their neurons,” says neurologist Erhan Genç from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany.

The neurologist further elucidated that, “This makes it possible to achieve a high level of thinking with the least possible neural activity.”

2. Your fingers 

Your fingers can also reveal to you about your level of intelligence. Boys with smaller index fingers are good at mathematics. This simply proves their high level of intelligence. However, this doesn’t apply to ladies, it is reported that girls with ring and small fingers are considered to be smart.

 3. Your body hairs

Your body hairs can also unearth to you that you are just smarter in the brain. Ideas ranking has illuminated that people with thicker body hairs tend to have high IQ. They have high brainpower and they are good at thinking

4. Left-handed

A finding at the University of Athens noted that left-handed people have high brainpower. This is after the university team conducted a study and discovered that such people have stronger memory, cognitive skills, better mental flexibility and able to reason smartly.

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