A wedding is marked as one of the special days for a couple. When a bride is getting married, there are things that one should never tell them at all costs. Telling a bride some of these things might make her sad or even think that you are not wishing her well, as she opens a new chapter. Here are some of the things to never say to a bride.

1. “You must be on a tight budget”

Every wedding budget differs from each other. When invited to a wedding ceremony, it is important for you to appreciate the set-up no matter the appearance. Telling the bride that her wedding must have been set on a tight budget will just spoil her mood and think that you are underestimating the efforts.

2. “You are already engaged? But you barely know each other”

We have many couples who have wedded within a short period since they met. However, that should not be your worry to meddle with. Questioning the bride on why she is getting married to a person whom she barely knows can make her frustrated.

3. “That’s your dress? I guess it’s nice.”

For every bride, there is nothing that matters most than the dress that they will wear on that special day. However, when it comes to commenting about the dress, it is important to not show that you have a second thought about it. Showing that you don’t like the dress may lead to her not feeling comfortable wearing the dress anymore.

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