Woman Gives Birth To Twins From Two Different Dads, Her Husband & Her Lover


A Texas female was not preparing for the record books on two pregnancies. Giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful thing in the world and it becomes more surprising when you are gifted with twins.

But it might not be a good thing everytime. But that’s what she received when she gave birth to twins from different fathers nearly a year later — along with two beautiful boys.

“We both have strong appetites, we like playing with their older brothers, they like playing with each other,” Mia Washington said Thursday to the TODAY show.

Think about a drama for baby-papa. Why did that happen? The ovary of a female produces one egg each month, which can be fertilized by seminal fluid. But a pair of eggs appeared in this event.

Meanwhile, seminal fluid can stay alive and well in the reproductive tract for up to five days. So within those five days a woman can have physical relation with different men and the seminal fluid “just kind of hang out there waiting to release the egg,” Washington, who had just turned 20, admitted to her partner that within that five-day window she had physical relation with another man— hence the dual concept.

When her partner, 44-year-old James Harrison, became concerned that Justin and Jordan, born just 7 minutes apart, looked so different, the mystery began to be solved. It was followed by a paternity test.

Harrison said when he discovered that Justin wasn’t his son, “I was hurt, torn apart— didn’t know what the next move would be,” Harrison said in a taped segment of NBC News.

However, since then, he has loved both boys the same. “I raised him [ Justin ] from a kid all the way to the present. He sees me as his dad and I know him as my brother,” explained Harrison.

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