A young lady from South Africa in town called Limpopo is in the news for wrong reasons after it was revealed that she recently sold goats belonging to her grandfather to buy a Brazilian weave.

Local Media reports that the alleged grandfather found out that three of his goats were missing and thereby launched a search.

“I found the missing three of my goats and walked around the village to locate them. I saw them in a van and stopped the driver quickly to ask what was going on,” said the old man who identified himself as Matome Dikgale.

“The driver told me when I confronted him that my grandchild was selling the goats to him because she wanted to use the money for personal reasons. I’ve been shocked and upset to the maximum. I didn’t expect her to do that because she’s a churchgoer,” he said.

When confronted, the lady confessed that she sold the goats, because she was trying to get money for weaving.

“What I did was wrong, I know, but I had no choice. I am a girl and i need to be taking care of myself. It’s better than having a blesser.”

Brazilian weaves cost between R2500 and R20 000 depending on size and where you buy them. It is said that most African women spends a lot of money annually to buy these weaves which some of them fake.

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