A free spirited English woman has revealed that she gives express permission to her boyfriend to cheat on her during the Christmas period and so he gets to buy her guilty gifts.

Speaking to the Sun, English teacher Maria-Louise Warne, 61, from Bovey Tracey, Devon says she has been in a relationship with Greg* for the past 10 years and says she’s fine with this unorthodox philosophy.

“People might think I’m mad but I don’t mind my other half being unfaithful at Christmas. I’d also rather know than be made a fool of.” she says.

“A year into our relationship my partner made it crystal clear to me that fidelity was a meaningless concept to him. According to Greg ‘sex is just an act.’ It is an itch that needs to be scratched.” she added.

he is very much aware of her boyfriend’s insatiable sexual appetite and is okay with him seeking fulfillment elsewhere during the festive holidays.

“Our se_x life is nothing short of amazing. If he wants to have sex elsewhere once in a while then I won’t stop him.I am not saying I condone it or encourage it. But to some men it’s like having a drive in a different type of car.” Warne said

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