Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot in a Pool of Mud Leaves Twitterati in Splits(photos)

The concept of photoshoots has become an intricate part of weddings lately.

Just like if a certain event is not on social media it probably didn’t happen, weddings and photography have that kind of a relationship.

In a recent viral post shared by Twitter user @5haiju, a couple is seen enjoying ‘mud love’ amidst a paddy field against a hilly background.

Captioned as “Pre wedding shoots going vera level”, the photo showed the couple striking various poses in a pool of mud, and garnered over 600 retweets and 2,000 likes.

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This mucky wedding shoot has left Twitter baffled. Of course there were memes but Twitterati have a major confusion: Is it a ‘pre’ or a ‘post’ wedding shoot?

And guess which side stood correct? Right, it’s a post-wedding shoot.

The original photos were shared by a Facebook user @BinuseensPhotography, who identified the couple as Jose and Anisha in their post wedding shoot.





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