This s really strange, the way African women are obsessed with rich men, can they really pray for their Man’s misfortune? Let’s turn the stone and find out…

An E-mail shared by a Nigerian relationship expert Joro Olumofin of a woman who prefers her husband broke and is praying to God to make him that way (broke) has left many social media users stunned.

It is rare for women to pray for misfortunes of their husband to marry well-to-do men so as to enjoy the affluent benefits that comes with it, but the case is not the same with this desperate woman  as she argues that her husband is more loving and caring when he has nothing.

In the E-mail the woman shared with Olumofin, said her husband is much better when he is broke as he pays much attention to his family and goes to church.

While seeking advise from Olumofin, the woman continued complaining that her children do no have that bond of a father and kids as he does not know that his son is in secondary.

She stated that he rarely spends time with the kids so much that one of the children is scared of him as she doesn’t know him well enough.

She went on to reveal that she lacks companionship and feels like a single mother despite being married.

Read the E-mail below;

“I prefer my husband broke. I don’t know what came over me. I started praying bad for my husband today in church. I was almost speaking in tongues. Before people call me witch and all sorts. When my husband is broke he loves me more. He respects me. He is at home more when he is broke. When he’s broke he comes to church more. Joro My husband has not come to church with me since February because he made money. A lot of people are carrying rumors in our Parish that we have is painful.

Last week, tears came to my eyes when my husband said why is our son wearing trouser to school. Joro my own husband doesn’t know that my son is in SS1. I am basically a single mother Joro. I am only married on paper. Why won’t I pray for him to be broke. I find c0ndom in his car, jacket, I even found 0ondom in his bible. I prayed that God should take away his riches. I have my own job and money. But I lack companionship. I am alone. Today now he is not at home. My last daughter is scared of him and doesn’t even know her father well. He doesn’t care. When he is broke he is more sweet and romantic than Jack in titanic.”

What advise can you give her?

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