In late 2013, a male patient walked into a hospital in Nairobi, identified as AG Hospital, and was attended to by a female doctor.

After the first encounter as doctor and patient, the two developed feelings for each other and decided to start an intimate relationship in May 2014. Their love, however, lasted for just over one year as the married doctor decided to end the relationship in October 2015.

The man, identified in court papers as S.R.J.D, did not take it kindly and attempted to break the doctor’s marriage by sending nude photos they took in happier times to her husband, children and colleagues.

The doctor, identified as L.T, has decided enough is enough and filed a petition at the High Court to stop the man from stalking, harassing or communicating with her in any way.

“I communicated the decision to end the relationship but he became hostile. He started a behaviour that was intrusive and harassing to my children, husband, parents, siblings and myself,” swore L.T.

She stated that after ending the relationship, the man would not stop stalking her and would appear at her workplace to create a scene in the presence of her colleagues and patients.

In one instance, she swore, S.R.J.D made an email communication to her children and disclosed inappropriate information and pictures about their relationship.

She claimed the man went ahead and sent her boss an email in which he disclosed their intimate relationship and copied several other members of staff.

“He had threatened to destroy me if I left him and he made good his threat by sending my private photographs to my husband, children, family, colleagues and patients with the intention to harass and humiliate me,” she swore.

She claimed that because of the embarrassment she went through, she left AG Hospital for another one identified as CA Hospital.

However, the man followed her to the new workplace and demanded she sees him.

“He came to my new place of work claiming that he is a patient and that I am his personal doctor. He went further to request for a laboratory test and demanded that I see him but due to our past experience and ethical reasons, I declined,” she swore.

After being blocked from seeing her, L.T claimed that the man got her new employer’s contacts and again started sending details of their intimate relationship. She told her new employer about the man and he was banned from setting foot in the hospital.

She claimed that despite being blocked, he kept using new phone numbers and parody email accounts to threaten her, and that this went on even after she reported him to the police.

“I have suffered emotional injury and torture by the humiliating and frustrating acts of S.R.J.D. Moreover, my professional, family and social life has been affected due to his actions and if not stopped, he can cause harm to me and my loved ones,” swore L.T.

Her lawyer, Wanjiku Ithoneka, told court continued communication from the man was causing the complainant psychological torture and that she was at the risk of an emotional breakdown unless the court issued an order stopping the harassment.

The lawyer said the man’s actions amounted to violation of the woman’s right to dignity, privacy and legitimate expectation to be treated with decorum.

She wants the court to stop the man from posting, publishing or broadcasting on social media their confidential photographs and issue an order stopping him from communicating with the doctor, her family and employer.


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