I think it is only in Africa where God blessed us with fertile men 😉

It is not along ago when this publication shared with you a story of a Ghanaian man with 13 wives, 170 children, 90 grandchildren and 10 girlfriends, well Zimbabwe is here to surprise you too.

A 53 year old war veteran man Shadreck Chimbare has been labeled as a serial polygamist as he is reported to have married 28 women and has at least 111 children, as  he is planning on marrying another wife.

Chimbare, popularly known as Comrade Scorpion, said he is a man enough as he manages satisfying all his wives sexually.

According to him he sleeps with four women every night by doing so he ensures that he satisfies each one of them at least once a week.

Comrade Scorpion added that he does not need assistance of his wives to identify his children as the affection on his children is too much.

“I will take another wife very soon, i have a strong affection for my kids and all their mothers. I know all of my children by name ad can identify them without the help of their mothers,” said Chimbare.

His first son is 28 years old with two wives and his last born are two weeks old twins excluding 7 of his wives who are heavily pregnant.


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