A 60-year-old self-proclaimed prophet for an apostolic church in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe allegedly raped and impregnated two congregants who have since given birth.

The prophet, Lawrence Gwaza who appeared before Gweru Regional Magistrate Court facing three counts of rape, denied the allegations made by the two women citing that he did not force them to ave sex with him but he asked them.

Gwaza continued by telling the court that on the pregnancy issue he is not sure if indeed he is the father.

“Your Worship l didn’t force them to have sexual intercourse with me, but l proposed to each of them and they both agreed to have sexual intercourse with me. On the issues of pregnancy l don’t think I’m the father,” said Gwaza in his defense.

One of the victims alleges that she was failing to conceive for 10 years in her marriage, only to be impregnated by the said prophet.

One of the women was impregnated twice while the other was impregnated once.

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