Controversial Ghanaian pastor, Prophet Kumchacha has stated that a man is not enjoying life if his wife doesn’t give him the cowgirl style when having sex with her.

Prophet Kumchacha, who is one man of God you’re more likely to catch talking about se.x than God, made this known during an appearance on the ETV program ‘In Bed with Adwen’.

According to the prophet who spoke in Ghanaian language, if one’s wife has not gone on top during se.x, such a person has not discovered the sweetness that exists in this world.

During the show, Kumchacha also revealed the main reason why men cheat in marriages.

“Men cheat in a relationship because most of the women are not able to satisfy them well during sexual intercourse. Ladies should learn how to have good s.ex with their husbands and always make them happy in bed.” he said.

In a previous controversial statement, Kumchacha mentioned that the world will come to an end the day he does not sleep with his wife.

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