Things Women do to Become Yellowbones, You will be Shocked (Video)

Women around the globe are trying so hard to change their natural look and desire to look more beautiful and attractive, reaching to the extent that they would do anything possible to accomplish their desires.

Some of the women are now resorting to hazardous procedures just for them to become yellow bones, which involves the removal of melanin on the skin using dangerous chemicals.

In informal parlance, a Yellow Bone is a  Black Female with a very light skin complexion. Sometimes they are of mixed race, but that is not always the case, as Black people come in many different shades.

A video has leaked on social media which shows one lady undergoing such a procedure in an as yet unconfirmed West African country. In the video, the woman is lying in a tub of water which appears to have been mixed with some chemicals which are producing bubbles.

The attendant at the backyard beauty parlour is scrapping the melanin of the woman’s legs using a spatula. Ironically, however, the attendant herself seems to have all her melanin n place indicating that she is yet to undergo the procedure herself.

Funny enough, the attendant is gushing about how nice the customer will look after the procedure is done, saying that she will look well for the festive season.

Watch the video here>>>



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