Appearing on the Ladies Like Us podcast, 39-year-old US rapper TI stressed how important it is to him that his teenage daughter Deyjah Harris has not had sex yet, admitting that he accompanies her on her annual gynecological checkup to confirm that her hymen isn’t broken.


The 39-year-old stressed how important it is to him that his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris has not had sex.

“Deyjah’s 18, just graduated high school now and she’s attending her first year of college, figuring it out for herself,” said TI, who also has a three-year-old named Heiress.

“And yes, not only have we had the conversation [about sex], we have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen.”

The doctor has explained that a hymen can break from non-sexual activities, but T.I. is satisfied to learn that hers is still intact.

The doctor has even explained that there are many other ways for a hymen to break besides sex, and in fact, many virgins no longer have hymens intact — but T.I. doesn’t care.

T.I. defended his actions, explaining that he thinks a lot of people wish their parents had been more protective of them, suggesting that his daughter will look back on her father’s behavior and be grateful that he was so involved.

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