The internet is an ocean of weird and unexplainable things that go viral from time to time.

Last week, a strange-looking fish spooked millions of netizens after it was spotted in a Chinese village.

The fish appeared to have a human-like face and was seen sticking its head out of a pond in Miao village.

A woman took a video of the creature and shared it on social media. It has now been widely shared.

A few weeks before that, an adorable dog named Nori went viral for his ‘unbelievable’ appearance, that many people thought is the result of photo editing. The dog baffled thousands of netizens because his almond-shaped eyes and prominent smile were very ‘human-like’.

However, this week’s bizarre video does not feature any animal or human. It features a waterfall in Ireland that appears to flow backwards.

The rare sight was captured by a group of friends who were hiking to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland recently. The waterfall seems to defy the laws of physics but scientists say there is a simple explanation for the phenomenon.

Scientists said the winds on the west coast of Ireland are strong enough to sometimes push the water against its natural trajectory, thus making it look like a freakish backflow.

The footage taken by Garry McNabb shows a waterfall spraying back up onto the hills. Strong winds seem to be the reason for the backflow as the bustling sound gets captured by the microphone.

While scientists explained the phenomenon very well, the video did confuse some netizens on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One user wrote, “Plumes of smoke… Not water.  Must be volcanic…   Doesn’t look like water at all and since ancient dormant and extinct volcano are waking up all over the world. Thought maybe that’s what it was. But I DONT KNOW.”

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