Information reaching Faceofmalawi indicates that villagers in Karonga over the weekend attacked women who were putting on min skirt, skin tight, bareback brouse, long slit, and or any open kind of dressing that exposes their privacy.

The villagers claim that, men are being jailed in the guilty of defilements which are sorely caused by the mode of dressing the ladies are undertaking in this modern world.

According to information at hand, the villagers from Mwanjawara are in the forfront undressing the women.

The villagers want all women to stop putting on min-skirts, kin tight, bareback brouse as control measure to high defilement rate in the district.

The conduct of the villagers has attracted mixed reactions with many condemning the act, saying its an abuse to women.

Right activists have since asked the law enforcers to act on the matter.

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