Norbert Schemm from the US had told his family that he’d like one last beer with his sons and grandsons before he dies.

In a photo posted on Twitter by Norbert’s grandson  , the grandfather, who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, can be seen laying in his hospital bed smiling. He’s surrounded by his sons who all have beers in their hands.

“My grandfather passed away today,” Adam captioned his post. “Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons.”

The post, which has since gone viral, has garnered more than 32 000 retweets and 332 000 likes on social media.

The touching photo sparked others to share their final moments with their loved ones who’ve passed, Metro.

“I don’t know you but I felt this,” one user commented. “Days before my grandpa passed he let my dad know he wanted a cigar and a beer. We made it happen. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your grandpa’s smile is one for the books!”

“The last thing my grandfather on my mother’s side had before he stopped taking any food or liquid was a scotch and soda, which had been he and my grandmother’s nightcap every night for years,” another social media user revealed.

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