Former President Robert Mugabe’s will has not been found according to the late hero’s family. This unfortunate development has prompted the High Court to call for an edict meeting this week to appoint an executor. Mugabe died in Singapore on September 6 after a 13 year battle with prostate cancer.

Mugabe: died at 95

Mugabe’s daughter Bona notified the High court on 21 October that her late father had USD10 Million in a CBZ Nostro Account and various immovable and movable properties namely:

House Number 129 Forbes Road, Waterfalls
· Villa Number 65 Gunhill
· Number 27 Quorn Avenue Mt Pleasant
· Lot GB Helensvale and Lot 1 of subdivision B of Sub G of Helensvale
· Highfield Farm
· Zvimba rural farming plot (about 5 acres)
· Zvimba rural home (one hectare)
· Zvimba orchard (about five acres)
· 10 cars

Mrs Grace Mugabe was listed as the sole surviving spouse while Bona, Robert, Bellarmine and Russel Goreraza were listed as Cde Mugabe’s surviving children. According to legal experts, if the deceased left no will, The Master of the High Court convenes an edict meeting for relatives of the late to appoint an executor.

The deceased’s estate is distributed to beneficiaries which include children and surviving spouses under a monogamous civil marriage or surviving spouses if he was in a polygamous marriage under customary law.

In the absence of a will, relatives and siblings have no legal claim to the estate unless the deceased had no surviving spouse or children.

Source : Iharare

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