It is no longer a secrete that so called ‘Men of God’ are there for money and not preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Nowadays, one cannot go to church and come back without being forced in one way or the other to pay towards what is called ‘the work of God’

A lot of people have been deceived and blindfolded by their so called prophets who are there to only satisfy their starving and long pockets, as they preach nothing about salvation but rather miracles and money.

It is not wrong to pay in church, let alone helping the man of God but it has to be done at ones will and by the help of the holy spirit.

In the video below, a pastor is seen caning his church member just because they failed to bring tithe to church, imagine tithe? The Lord’s sacrifice? Is his actions justified before God?

The bible says when giving you should be doing it gladly and rejoicing at the same time, are these people going to give gladly or because they were forced to do so?

That is why christian life is considered to be expensive.

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