USA – Alex Chernov, a 38-year-old from Chicago, Illinois is a woman with unusual accomplishments.

Alex had her 100th abortion last week and she said that was the best day of her life. If you think this is a disturbing already please read no further. What’s even more disturbing is that Alex had video recorded over 60 of her abortions and sold them on the dark web and made a fortune.

If you think that’s weird there is more, she apparently made a million dollars by live-streaming her 100th abortion on the dark web for her twisted fans.

The fetus from the last abortion was shipped to the biggest bidder ($100k). Alex said she was turned down by the Guinness world records when she submitted her record for 50 abortions when she was 27-year-old. “They turned me down thinking I would stop, but look at me now 11 years later I doubled my number”

Dr. Mathers who performed 58 of Alex abortions said he had never seen anything like that in his life, she even paid me extra to do her abortions on camera and to cancel my other appointments. “Alex had become more than a client to me over the years because I became fascinated with her consistency although I still don’t understand why she does it”

Dr. Mathers said he is amazed by how fertile she is over anything else. “I do abortions daily so that does not bother me at all it’s my job and I am good at it. I see Alex as the most fertile human being who ever lived. If they cannot give her a record for most abortions then at least give her the record for being the most fertile woman on earth”

When asked if he would like the record for the Dr. who performed most abortions on one person Dr. Mathers said he wouldn’t mind.

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