Malawi Electoral Commission third witness and final in the high-profile presidential election case Muhabi Chisi has started his simulation exercise of how electoral results were captured in the May 21 polls.

Chisi started with stimulation with an explanation of kits that were used in the polls.

He hinted that he will focus on Results Management System with Lilongwe South Constituency on parliamentary polls as that is the only free constituency in the system.

He said it is because parliamentary polls did not take place as one candidate died before the polls.

Chisi’s simulation will run for 2 hours 30 minutes.

After simulation exercise Chisi will be cross-examined by lawyers of the first petitioner Saulos Chilima.

The case is expected to be concluded this coming Friday, December 6 2019 and a panel of five Judges will deliver its ruling within the period of 46 days, according to the constitution of the land.

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