Police in Arizona have arrested a man who tried to rob a woman of her wheelchair by tipping her out of the seat while on board a train.

As the light rail in Phoenix pulled into the station at 12th street and Jefferson, Austin Shurbutt, 26, was seen grabbing the chair from beneath her.

Video shows the woman try to hold on but she eventually she gets dumped out of her wheelchair and the suspect takes off with it.

A clip released by cops in Phoenix shows him then running from the train in reindeer slippers during the incident last Friday.

However, he didn’t get far with it as Good Samaritans came to the rescue and got the wheelchair back from Shurbutt.

Others on the train are seen stepping in to stop him in the footage from the incident which took place around 3.40pm on Black Friday.

He was finally caught on Saturday afternoon, more than a week later, after thousands of people shared his image across social media.

It unclear what helped identify him but police said he was still wearing the reindeer slippers when he was arrested.

Sharbutt had two outstanding warrants. He was arrested for the aggravated assault of a healthcare professional in March.

He now faces five new charges including robbery, kidnapping and assault.

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