In yet another crime of passion, a love triangle involving three villagers turned fatal after one of the men killed his rival. He also severely battered the woman at the centre of the affair, before making good his escape.

According to New Ziana, Steve Banda was incensed when he found Albert Tuba in the bedroom of Talent Mudeka. Despite the fact, both men were well aware that they were dating the same woman, Banda viciously attacked Tuba.

He pummelled him with clenched fists before stabbing him in the abdomen.     He then turned his attention on Talent who he also battered using clenched fists. Talent was saved from further harm by her father who rushed to the bedroom after hearing screams of agony.  Tuba eventually died from the stab wound.

Banda quickly fled the scene and is yet to be apprehended. The matter was reported to the police who have since launched a manhunt for Banda.

Police Spokesperson Sergeant Vengayi Madyavanhu urged the public to resolve disputes amicably and avoid violence.

The sorry incident occured in Zaranyika Village, Chief Mashayamombe in Mhondoro.

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