A killer who claimed Satan ordered him to murder his sister attempted to escape from a Russian courtroom through the ceiling before he was hauled down by guards.

Leonid Greyser, 18, was captured on camera climbing through a hole in the ceiling of the courtroom dock at Scherbinsky District Court in Moscow.

In a clip captured by life, shocked police officers watched as Greyser clambered out of his glass cage and into the roof space above.

But as he attempted to crawl into the gap, he was pulled back by three armed police guards who beat him with batons and grabbed his legs.

The officers then use Tasers as Greyser continues his bold escape attempt.

Eventually, the murder suspect is pulled down from the ceiling – losing his trousers in the process – and he climbs back into the dock.

Greyser later confessed to the murder of his 21-year-old sister, Ariada Korol. He was detained for two months by a Moscow court.

Ms Korol was found naked with multiple stab wounds in the hallway of an apartment block where she shared a flat with her brother.

A naked Greyser was arrested as he prayed, local reports claimed.

Greyser was said to have claimed that Satan or Lucifer made him kill his sister.

Eyewitnesses said that before police arrived he undressed and drew demonic symbols with blood on his sister’s body and his head.

Witnesses claim that he asked ‘to free him of Satan’.

In a confession to Russian law enforcement, which did not mention Satan or Lucifer, he was asked why he killed his sister.

‘It was necessary. I did what I had to do,’ he said.

He wanted to overcome his own doubts, he said. He claimed to be aware of his own actions.

‘I do not regret,’ he said, also telling his interrogator he had ‘perfect’ relations with his sister.

Killing her would ‘make it better’, he said.

When asked ‘How it will become better if she is not with us anymore, you killed her?’ he replied: ‘Better is always forward.’

Neighbours told how they heard the woman ‘screaming’ before her body was found.

The pair had been renting an apartment in a suburb known as New Moscow. Reports said drugs were found in the apartment.


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