In a shocking incident, a 33-year-old goldsmith in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district committed suicide along with his wife, over heavy debts.

He also fed cyanide to three of his daughters and even shot a video to capture the incident. The deceased who was identified as Arul- said that he was under huge debts after buying three-digit lucky-draw lottery tickets.

By shooting a video minutes before dying, he wanted to bring to light that people should further be aware of the financial perils before getting involved in lottery ticket scams. In a way, he wanted other people to save themselves from becoming victims of this scam Рa fate that he could not escape.

Minutes before ending his life, Arul had sent a video to his friend in which he justified his reason for killing his three daughters and his wife. He said that he had been forced to take this step due to ever-increasing mounting debts which he would be unable to repay. It was quite evident that he landed in this situation after purchasing the lottery tickets.

The deceased’s friends took the matter to the police station but unfortunately, when the police arrived at the spot, the door was locked from inside and the family was lying dead. The victims have been identified as Arul, his wife A Sivagami, and his three daughters Priyadharsini, Yuva Sri and Bharathy.

Arul¬†is found saying these lines in the video, ‚ÄúBoss‚Ķ God‚Ķ Are you all human?? No…You are all God. But, I am not human. There is no justice and righteous thing,‚ÄĚ, according to¬†Hindustan Times. The video also shows his unconscious daughters lying on the floor.

‚ÄúSee here, I had given cyanide to three of my daughters. My wife and I will also take cyanide in a minute. We won‚Äôt be alive anymore. Hereafter, no one could do anything. Please be happy. May you people live a happy life,‚ÄĚ Arul¬†says in the video, according to¬†Hindustan Times.

Arul had made his last wish to ban the sale of illegal lottery in Tamil Nadu as by doing so, at least some lives can be eventually be saved and people would be free from debts and would eventually not end up their life in this manner.

At the end of the video which he had circulated to his friend minutes before dying, he expresses his pain where he says that his three minor daughters are dying in front of his eyes. He also says that nobody will come to their rescue so he has mixed cyanide in alcohol and they will eventually be free from all the burdens.

According to the police, the five dead bodies have been sent for autopsy and a case has been registered. The Superintendent of Police Jayakumar said in a report that Arul had incurred a huge loss in his business and the consequence was so bad that he had to even sell his house. It was also found that he owed more than 30 lakh in debt which eventually lead him to end his own life as well as snuff out the lives of his family members.

Jayakumar said that all the sales of the illegal lottery ticket are being done through mobile phones and almost 200 cases have been registered for the same. Further, he also assured that strict actions will be taken against those involved in this business. He also said that this incident has thrown light onto the illegal sale of lottery tickets in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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