A Canadian dentist and his patient accidentally discovered a cure for bad breath that no one would have ever thought of.

Bad breathe is a serious problem and it is also one of the topics people usually avoid talking about. Peter Wales a 30-year-old man who had been battling Halitosis AKA bad breath all his life met Dr. Williams, a dentist last year who was determined to hell he overcomes the problem that was costing him relationship after relationship.

“When Peter called me telling me his Tinder date is coming to his apartment and he has absolutely no confidence with his breath I jokingly told him to gave her a good cunnilingus job and swallow whatever juices that came out and she will fall in love with you”. Said Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams said Peter called him the next morning very excited saying it worked. “I said calm down, tell me what worked Pete. He said the bad breath is gone and he woke up with fresh breath in the morning. I told him to come to my lab”.

He said he ran some tests on Peter and realized all the bad bacteria causing the smell were gone. “I couldn’t believe it so I sent some samples of Peter’s tongue that I took before he was healed and sent them to my friends over at UBC and told them to test them using the same method Peter used.

It worked, men with family and children are sending me letters thanking me for this breakthrough. People who spent thousands of dollars fighting bad breath are calling me daily saying they are now pleasing their spouse and cleaning their mouth in the process and they love it”

“My brothers at UBC in Vancouver said the only requirement is that she ejaculates, it does not have to be a squirt just tell her to tell you when she reaches orgasm because that’s when your cure is ready”

Dr. Williams said he will not try to capitalize on his findings because he believes this is God’s gift to every man. “We are on a process to see if it works the other way around. Either way, it goes people should embrace this gift, it’s a win-win situation”.

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