ZIMBABWE – A man was caught in the cross hairs after he got trapped under a car he wanted to steal from and needed a ritual to be released.

thief gets stuck under car
The thief who got stuck under the car after reportedly falling victim to black magic. Residents who heard his wails splashed used engine oil all over him as punishment

Farai Chivhaura spent around three hours trapped while his accomplices fled the scene  along Third Street in the Avenues area in Zimbabwe.

The car Chivaura wanted to steal from belonged to one Kemesi Hwangwa who farted on the former to have him released.

thief gets stuck under car

Initially, Hwangwa was supposed to urinate on Chivaura to have him released after the latter confessed but chose to fart on him instead so the car would release his trapped leg.

Hwangwa claimed that one of the wheels had been stolen and wanted Chivaura to call his accomplice to return it before urinating on him for freedom.

Speaking to Hmetro, he neither confirmed nor denied using juju to trap thieves saying what he wanted was the items he lost to thieves from Chivaura.

“What I want is my wheel and the jack from him before I free him,” said Hwangwa.

“As for using juju or not using juju that has nothing to do with me ngaadzose zvinhu zvangu chete,” he said.

Chivaura claimed that he was in the company of one Almeda who fled the scene leaving him stuck and had to cry for help.

Residents who heard his wails splashed used engine oil all over him as punishment and assaulted him thoroughly. They accused him of being part of the gangs that are tormenting the residents at the flats, by stealing car wheel caps, batteries, radios and other accessories every night.


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