A Nigerian woman identified has become the topic of discussion on Twitter after she revealed the bizarre thing she did for love while still a university student.

Adejoke shared her experience after the question was posted on Twitter as many Nigerians shared the stories on what they did for love.

According to her, when she was in university she believed that her boyfriend at the time was going to marry her. She noted that his friends also used to call her our wife, telling her that she is better than his ex.

She explained that the bizarre thing she did for love was cooking a whole goat for her boyfriend and preparing pepper soup, goat stew and peppered meat for over ten people.

She also revealed that her boyfriend had stolen the goat at the time adding she also washed her boyfriend’s clothes plus his underwear. In the thread, Adejoke further stated that her ex-boyfriend is now married to the ex-girlfriend his friends used to compare her to back then.

Below is the tweet


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