In a shocking turn of events, a United States woman who posed for a photo with her grandmother’s coffin was buried 10 months later wearing the same outfit.

Chrystal Charlesworth, 24, shared a Facebook post about her sister, Lexus Felton, on Facebook following her death from a heroin overdose. Lexus was 21.

In the Facebook post, Chrystal shared two heartbreaking pictures of Lexus from the same year at two different funerals. The first was her grandma’s funeral and the second was Lexus’ own funeral.

In the post Chrystal said,

“Picture one was taken March of 2018 at my grandmothers funeral. The second picture was taken December of 2018 at my sisters funeral.

‘In both pictures my sister, Lexus, is in the exact same church room, wearing the exact same shirt, and laying in the exact same kind of casket my grandmothers in.

Little did I know that when I took the first picture of my inappropriately hilarious, charismatic little sister that it would end up having such a surreal meaning behind it just a few short months later,”


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