A man’s attempt to reclaim his estranged wife who had remarried turned disastrous after he was allegedly stoned to death by her new husband.

Reports indicates, that Bonus Kuvhirima of Gokwe North under Chief Chireya was murdered by his ex-wife’s husband for trying to mend relations with her.

In accodance with the report the now deceased had been divorced to Martha Maribha for sometime before she remarried Takaruza Matienga. The fracas only ensued after Kuvhirima visited his ex-wife’s homestead in a bid to make amends with her.

A source who spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity said;

“The now deceased was married to Martha some time ago before they parted ways and the woman decided to remarry; so it seems as if her former husband wanted to make amends with her, but it was not possible because she had remarried.

On Sunday, he went to where Maribha stays with her husband that is when a misunderstanding arose because her husband said the now deceased was disrespectfully daring, prompting him to stone him with bricks”.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesperson for Midlands Province Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident.

We arrested one Takaruza Matienga of Gokwe North after he struck his wife’s former husband with bricks and he died on the spot.

The incident happened around 7 pm. According to investigations made by the police, the now-deceased visited his ex-wife’s residence intending to make amends so the move angered her husband and he struck him with bricks to death.

He is currently in police custody. As ZRP we urge members of the public not to put the law into their own hands.

No matter how bad the temptation may be, people should deal with their issues legally.

There is no justification of taking the law into your own  hands because at the end of it the law will take its course.


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