A drug dealer has made an impassioned plea for customers to help out with the Australian bushfires by buying cocaine.

In a text message, which has been circulating online, the dealer claimed they would give 10 per cent of all purchases this weekend to those affected by the blazes.

‘As a lot of my family have been affected…not a joke. Actually legit,’ the text message read.

fire fighter trying to put out the fire

The generous dealer also urged his customers to donate to various charities supporting those affected by the devastating blazes as it ‘would mean a lot’.

However, just hours earlier the dealer sent a text message bragging about his latest batch.

‘Cracka pearl batch. New Amazing pearl batch. The smell of heaven is back…get in quick to try the best going around.’

The word pearl is sometimes used as slang to mean cocaine.

The screenshot of the messages between a dealer and a customer have been shared on multiple social media platforms.

Many people were amused by the kind-hearted dealer’s fundraising efforts.

‘Good to see small business supporting Aussies in need,’ one person wrote.

‘Feels good donating,’ another joked.

Others asked for the unblurred mobile number.

So far the devastating bushfire season has taken the lives of 26 people and destroyed almost 2,000 homes.

The cost of the disaster is still not clear, but the Insurance Council of Australia said claims worth$700m had already been filed and the figure was expected to climb significantly.

The government has earmarked an initial $2billion for a national recovery fund to help devastated communities.


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