A Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet was left unattended by his party after car accident he was involved in on his way back to Blantyre from Lilongwe where he attended President Peter Mutharika’s event in Lilongwe.

The cadet, popularly known as ‘Ana Achepa’ in an audio clip that went viral on social media, he accused the party for dumping him the time he needed them most.

Ana Achepa who is well known with his notorious activities alongside his colleagues sustained serious injuries following his involvement in the accident.

In the clip Ana Achepa complained and accused the party of abandoning him after the accident without considering his efforts he rendered to the party.

According to him, the room he was left to get treatment was not good enough to him saying he was in a common ward with other people.

In the clip Ana Achepa continued saying that he is not looking for financial assistance but rather good treatment.

Just as the clip went viral in various social media platforms, some top officials from the blue camp moved in to help the disgruntled cadet.

Meanwhile, the cadet has been removed from the common ward to private ward with the help and order from Minister of Health Jappie Mhango who moved in.

In other pictures, vice president Everton Chimulirenji was seen paying a visit the cadet.

Ana Achepa is well known in insulting the opposition.

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